Traditional Espresso Drinks Inspired By European Traditions

Remedy Coffee Bar has softly - excitedly and secretly opened the doors around the corner in downtown Nanaimo BC. This is a new adventure, a new path and a new day. We are excited to move forward. Remedy Coffee Bar will always be showcasing Farmer Direct Trade - Single Origin & Expertly Roasted Coffees. Drumroaster Coffee from Cobble Hill BC will be our backbone providing us with the fantastic Gold Label Espresso to be served everyday. We will also be a multi roaster partnering with exceptional roasters offering daily and weekly features at the brew bar. Begining with the world class Phil & Sebastion Coffee Roasters. We are excited to share some of these delicious coffees. 

If you have the time…Stop by and say Hi 



O stands for obsession with Origin. 5 represents natures elements.